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I have a diverse background and a track record of achieving in challenging environments.  Now a Director within Management Consulting at Grant Thornton, I completed my MBA at Melbourne Business School in August 2017 before beginning my career in consulting.


I bring a diversity of thought and unique perspective to consulting having worked in varied industries and roles prior to consulting. Through my career as a freelance opera singer I learnt the value of being able to communicate complex ideas in simple and direct ways. This has enabled me to draw deeper insights and offer more impactful solutions to the complex problems clients present, and to do so in creative and innovative ways. My ambition is to continue using these skills in challenging environments and deliver ever more positive results for the clients and companies I work for.



GRANT THORNTON AUSTRALIA - MANAGEMENT CONSULTING                                              Melbourne, Australia Director                                                                                                                                             Jan 2019 – present


  • Retail;  $30bn+ National Retailer

    • Engagement Manager for major 6-month strategic review of Group Technology function, including engaging with business leaders at the highest level.  Drafted strategic documents, ran key workshops, managed project team, and reported to National Partner level internally, and Executive Team client-side.

    • Engagement Manager developing a new functional strategy for a key BU.  Supported GM level sponsor and delegates to form ground-up strategy for ~$500m revenue generating BU.  Facilitated ideation of mission and vision, and helped articulate all aspects of strategy including pillars, objectives, and desired underpinning capabilities and management practices.  Led socialisation and integration into the broader corporate strategy

    • Engagement Manager for a Supply Chain Technology Transformation program.  Led a major capital investment program reviewing systems and technology underpinning a major supply chain function.  Built frameworks to evaluate current technology usage, identified key business requirements with operational leaders, ran the RFP process engaging leading international market vendors, and built iterative businesses case for capital approval from Seed Phase to Implementation funding and endorsement.

  • Not-for-Profit;  Led the development of strategic review for a major religious organisation’s operations functions,  including building a suite of operational and financial planning tools for embedding within the annual planning cycle and reviewing BAU effectiveness across 17 individual operational units.

STRATEGIC PROJECT PARTNERS (SPP)                                                                                      Melbourne, Australia

Strategy Consultant                                                                                                            Aug 2017 – December 2018


  • Integrity Services within Professional Sports.  Worked with a state professional sporting authority to conduct a comprehensive review of integrity services with a view to improving operational efficiency and effectiveness.  Roles in this project included leading numerous consultations with key internal and external stakeholder groups, developing report materials in close collaboration with the client’s C-Suite, and leading the delivery of critical implementation roadmaps for immediate and ongoing impact.

  • Higher Education.  SPP is a recognised thought leader within higher education having guided Universities across Australia in optimising their strategic positioning for emerging growth opportunities. Projects have included wide-ranging strategy and implementation programmes to drive demand from domestic and international markets, and developing compelling and comprehensive strategic operational plans for Universities engaging in scale and scope expansion.

RETROUVIUS LTD                                                                                                                                        London, UK

An architectural salvage and reclamation company.                                                                  Aug 2015 – June 2016


General Manager - Ran day to day operations managing 5 staff and reporting to directors

  • General Management and Business Development.  I ran operations of this highly acclaimed salvage and reclamation firm with a staff of five direct reports.  On taking over, the company had weaknesses on both supply and demand sides.  Retrouvius enjoyed strong brand loyalty, but lacked broad brand awareness in target markets, and whilst operations were functional, they lacked efficiency and effectiveness.  Through careful targeting and positioning I was able to drive demand from consumers in new addressable segments (including international markets in the EU), develop a referral network from existing customers, and draw a greater portion of spend from long-term brand advocates.  These sales and marketing initiatives prioritised lead generation, enabling the entire team to work together in focussed and informed way.  To improve efficiency, I introduced a range of measures including a restructured inventory management system, reducing carrying costs by 20%, and an improved order and delivery tracking process which reduced both our internal and contracted labour costs.


FREELANCE OPERA SINGER                                                                                                                      London, UK

Baritone working across the UK and Europe                                                                              June 2010 – July 2015



  • Baritone. Sang with major UK and European companies, including English Touring Opera.  Performance highlights include; Garsington Festival, 2010 - 2015, Vault Opera 2014, Stowe Opera 2014, Buxton Festival 2013-2014.  As a freelance singer I operated as a sole trader and entrepreneur, responsible for all networking, financial planning, administration, and marketing within an intensely competitive market.  This career has afforded me exceptional presentation skills, an ability to connect and perform to audiences, sell myself and the productions I represented, and as an artist, draw out the conceptual understanding of text and language to communicate complicated emotions and messages in direct, insightful, and informative ways.



SONGSMITHS LTD                                                                                                                                       London, UK

Independent operatic and musical production   company.                                                             Aug 2008 – present


Founder and Artistic Director


  • Start-up and Development.  Launched Songsmiths as an independent operatic production company to provide opportunities for young singers in making their professional debuts.  Developed leadership and presentation skills, gained experience of financial planning and fund raising, oversaw annual expansion in revenues of 20-25%.


  • Closer than Ever.  Produced a run of ‘Closer than Ever’, at the Jermyn Street Theatre in London in 2014.  Organised all aspects of production from concept to performances.  Managed creative and administrative aspects of the production, meeting and exceeding the financial targets whilst receiving critical acclaim. 


NEWCHURCH LTD                                                                                                                                      London, UK

Management consultancy specialising in healthcare.                                                                  Sep 2007 – Sep 2008


Consultant working with private and public healthcare providers throughout the UK


  • Developed a research and survey method identifying existing provision of primary care services proposed as part of new Polyclinics.  Modelled costs, capabilities, and feasibility of potential clinics. Presented findings and recommendations to stakeholders, advised GP consortia, private healthcare companies, and NHS as to potential outcomes.  Enabled investment decisions to be taken with greater knowledge and perspective.


  • with an international private healthcare and insurance provider to widen out-of-hours service capabilities within South London.  Based on existing and historical service provision within these areas, we were able to model financial and qualitative outcomes of various investment and acquisition options.  On the basis of our work, they launched a successful project and widened their customer and professional community.


LONDON FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION                                                                                                          London, UK

Official body governing of football throughout England                                                                  Sep 2013 – Present


Level 5 Professional Referee


  • Leadership.  Trained as a professional referee with the London FA.  Refereed throughout the county, rising from level 9 to level 5 over 3 years.  Developed excellent people management and leadership skills, directing both teams and officials on the field of play.  Gained experience of making quick and critical decisions under significant mental and physical stress.





UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE - MELBOURNE BUSINESS SCHOOL                                          Melbourne, Australia

Master of Business Administration                                                                                               Aug 2016 – Aug 2017

  • MBS Scholarship

  • Academic Highlights:

    • Overall Academic Average - H2A

      • Strategy - H1

      • Marketing - H1

      • Global Business Economics - H1

      • Brand Management - H1

FLANDERS OPERA STUDIO                                                                                                                  Ghent, Belgium

MA Operatic Performance                                                                                                          Sept 2010 – June 2011


ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC                                                                                                                     London, UK

MA Performance                                                                                                                          Aug 2008 – Aug 2010


THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH                                                                                                        Edinburgh, UK

MA (Hons) Economic History                                                                                                       Aug 2003 – Aug 2007





  • Visa British citizen, Australian De Facto Visa

  • Languages: Fluent in French and German, Intermediate Italian, Basic Russian, Beginner Mandarin

  • Interests: Travel, Flying (PPL Student)

  • Singing (Performing and Teaching)

  • Football Referee for London FA Level 5

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